New Hours: Tuesday through Friday (not open Mondays)

Lunch 12pm-2pm Dinner 5;30pm-10:00pm Saturday 5:30-10:30 Sunday 5:30-9:30

La Bruschetta is unassuming on the outside, warm and intimate on the inside. In a city where restaurants close every day, Angelo Peloni has guided his restaurant into its 31th year.

The menu at La Bruschetta is authentic home-cooked mouth watering Italian cuisine which holds the “Ospitalita’ Italiana – Seal of Authenticity” award. The namesake bruschetta is delivered to your table at dinner con vento favorevole and it is perfect! Crisp homemade Italian bread drizzled with olive oil with more than a mouthful of lovely marinated tomatoes and basil. A time-honored favorite is the light, melt-in-your-mouth gnocchi, so delicious that it has been ordered to go for a private jet. New Yorkers come for the bolognese, so popular it has even been shipped to New York. The menu offers everything from salads and pastas to their incredible osso bucco that Buzz Magazine voted the best. For dessert they even make their own gelati and the chocolate molten cake remains a customer favorite!

Angelo always tells his customers “Wine is Food!” He selects all of the wines personally and so believes in his wine collection that he co-designed a wine rack that holds over 1100 bottles called “The Wave.” It decorates the back of the restaurant and is an affirmation of his love for wine. He matches the wine to his style of cuisine so you can enjoy an extraordinary wine whether you are a savvy wine drinker or just beginning your journey as an oenophile. Wines by the glass and the wine list change frequently.

Long known as a safe haven for stars (even Elizabeth Taylor dined here), many are regulars although you will not see their autographed photos lining the walls. You may have even seen La Bruschetta on the small screen, as it is often used for scenes in many of the current reality TV shows. The movie “Money Ball” was also filmed here, but alas those scenes wound up on the cutting room floor. During filming the cast did get to enjoy two days of authentic Italian cuisine!

Star or not, Angelo treats all of his patrons as family. So when you crave an authentic, home-style Italian meal served with true Italian hospitality, dine at La Bruschetta and feel welcomed.